Trish McEvoy Cosmetics

Driving a strategic makeover for a luxury cosmetics and skincare brand.

Trish McEvoy has long been a household name in luxury cosmetics and skincare, with a tradition of innovation within the beauty industry and a 50-year legacy of results. As in-store retail plummeted through the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumer willingness to trade in-store experiences for online, tech-savvy solutions became paramount. MHCG began a rapid digital transformation to help the brand adapt to a shifting market, maintain their cutting-edge relevance, and appealing to a new generation of consumers. From state-of-the-art beauty tech, to upgraded client services, device-compatible email marketing, company-wide brand standards, and an overhaul of outdated digital marketing best practices, our worked repositioned the Trish McEvoy brand for the modern consumer.

MHCG used an integrated approach to procure and implement leading virtual reality sales tools, including the latest in virtual try-on (VTO) technology. MHCG enhanced and cleaned up the flagship website experience through extensive auditing and strategic recommendations for user experience, site speed performance optimization, calendar scheduling, and mobile responsiveness. Our work also included deployment, QA-testing, and agent training processes for a live-chat customer service software integration, as well as expert video chat and on-demand integrated beauty consultations to connect with consumers.


In tandem with the facilitation of technology upgrades, MHCG’s strategic recommendations encouraged the brand to dial up its core values. Our updated go-forward strategy urged the brand to bring fresh photography, layouts, iconography to the forefront, and begin incorporating race-inclusive, age-inclusive, size-inclusive, and flaws-inclusive imagery throughout all marketing channels. The result is a refreshed legacy beauty brand that appeals to multi-generational consumers and is adapted for the digital age.

While our work with Trish McEvoy is confidential, we’d love to discuss how a similar scope of work can apply to your business. Please contact us for more information.

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