Female Sexual Health Portal

Driving innovation and destigmatizing women’s sexual health in Canada.

The Female Sexual Health Portal, supported by the Women’s College Innovation Fund and in partnership with Women’s College Hospital and the University of Toronto, was originated as a resource for patients and healthcare providers seeking more information on the causes, evaluation, and treatment of female sexual dysfunction. Due to its long-regarded history as a taboo topic, there’s a general lack of information surrounding female health and the prevalence of common dysfunctions. Women’s College Hospital sought a partner to help bridge that information gap through an accessible, female-forward portal with facts and statistics to emphasize the prevalent nature of these issues.

MHCG developed the visual aesthetic and website interface to appeal to a spectrum of modern, multi-faceted female and non-binary patients. Promoting the concept that no one should have to live with low desire, lack of orgasm, sexual pain, and low arousal without the information and resources necessary to get help, understand the dysfunction, and relate their experience to others experiencing like symptoms. MHCG also developed a logo for the portal which combines the forms of the Canadian maple leaf and female anatomy to create a warm and inviting brand.

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