Older Adults Technology Services

Powering an identity refresh for a nonprofit that’s transforming the way seniors interact with technology and the world.

Older Adults Technology Services (OATS) is a nonprofit organization that provides technology education and resources to help older adults navigate a wired world. Headquartered in New York City, with branch locations across the United States and programs that impact older adults around the globe, OATS also serves as a vital consulting resource for government agencies, nonprofits, and large corporations, such as Comcast, Capital One, AARP, MTA, and the New York Public Library, who turn to OATS to help them solve challenges in their industries related to aging and technology.

OATS turned to MHCG to give their branding a much-needed refresh, and redesign their website and corporate collateral. MHCG updated and carried through iconic power symbol in the OATS logo, to symbolize the power that technology has to make our everyday lives easier and the empowerment and dignity that learning to harness those tools gives to senior citizens. MHCG reinvigorated the outdated identity by adjusting the geometry of the identity system and introducing a vibrant new color system to bring OATS into the digital era.

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