J.P. Morgan

The J.P. Morgan Chase International Council is J.P. Morgan Chase’s premier annual event. The Council is comprised of 250 members from 19 nations, and convenes annually in a leading world city to gain perspectives on economic, political and social trends in key regions and countries of the world. International Council members provide advice to the senior management of J.P. Morgan Chase on these and other issues affecting its clients and business.

Since 2010, MHCG has been spearheading the development of branding, as well as print and online creative for the annual event. MHCG has received numerous awards for its work, specifically in brand development and strategy.

While our work with J.P. Morgan Chase is confidential, we’d love to discuss how a similar scope of work can apply to your business. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Scope of Work

Brand Management and Activation

Organizational Engagement

Experience Innovation

Design and Layout

Marketing and Loyalty Strategy

Brand Strategy

Website Development