The Global Innovation Center

Shaping the future of global humanitarian impact.

JDC’s century of transformational work in over 70 countries around the world provides vital aid to vulnerable and fledgling communities in need, responds to global emergencies, and develops innovative solutions to complex social problems around the globe.

MHCG was asked to provide concept development for a new vision of JDC’s 100-thousand square foot global operations campus in Jerusalem — the hub of humanitarian innovation from which JDC’s global programs are deployed. Nestled in the heart of Jerusalem and surrounded by government offices and institutions of paramount national importance, the revitalized campus would support the organization’s award-winning humanitarian response efforts, and create an environment that supports gifted innovation, efficiency, thought leadership, and impact.

MHCG’s concept development, 3D photorealistic renderings, and presentation designs have been implemented in targeted, “proof of concept” donor presentations on JDC’s quest to find a lead donor to finance the project. The opportunity for philanthropic giving is accompanied by the honor of having the donor’s name engraved into the stone of the Jerusalem skyline.

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