Humankind Investments

Championing ESG values for a human-centered investment firm and ETF launch.

Humankind Investments is a new kind of investment company, focused on social responsibility, ESG values, total corporate impact, and investing for the future of humanity. Just thirty days prior to the launch of its US Stock ETF, Humankind engaged MHCG to revitalize its existing brand, produce an inspiring brand video to communicate values, and develop a series of ads to promote the company and its ETF via social channels.

In a saturated market of investment products, MHCG helped Humankind distill the message that all investment decisions have an impact, and many have unintended consequences of funding systems that have negative consequences for the planet and for humanity.

MHCG developed a contemporary brand system to upgrade and modernize the company’s existing logo. We created impactful composite images to juxtapose typical investment imagery with their positive, or negative, real-world outcomes.

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