Fun & Yummy

Exploring the intersection of chocolate and augmented reality.

Fun & Yummy is a confectionery experience that connects high-impact chocolate candy to a newly developed digital platform, enhancing and extending personal consumer experience. MHCG created a brand identity system for Fun & Yummy that positions it as the children’s and young adults’ candy of choice, merging friendly characters and a playful chocolate atmosphere into an integrated digital solution.

MHCG identified consumer data and patterns, and used them to apply intelligent digital innovations that support Fun & Yummy brand engagement through a fully-immersive brand-owned media channel. Interactive across tactile and digital platforms, key Fun & Yummy activation points help to bring the brand closer to its younger consumers, building a deeper understanding of the demographic and increasing direct sales through in-app purchases.

Based on the belief that kids grow through play, each Fun & Yummy package contains an activation point which unlocks various aspects of the Fun & Yummy AR mini-game.

Timing and skill-based challenges and puzzles in the Fun & Yummy AR video game hone motor skills while providing hours of fun, interactive entertainment.

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