Fusing safety and performance for the #1 protective sports headgear.

ForceField Protective Headgear is the #1 protective sports headgear in test performance for all contact sports and recreation, meeting rigorous ASTM and FIFA standards. CEII certified, ForceField headgear are lightweight, ventilated, and adjustable, with an impact absorbing polymeric layer that wraps around the head and offers increased protection at crucial impact zones where many head impacts occur.

To give ForceField the brand identity it deserves, MHCG updated the client’s brand mark with a logo redesign and transformed ForceField’s stigma from sensible to sought-after. By playing up its inimitable qualities of head protection, promoting endorsements by influential international athletes and leagues, and delivering a custom website with Shopify e-commerce, POS, and fulfillment integration for seamless operations, we created a digital representation worthy of ForceField’s premier product offering.

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