Estates at Alpine

Marketing the prestigious 60-acre former Frick estate in Alpine, New Jersey.

Only 8 miles from Manhattan in Alpine, NJ, sits the historic family estate of Henry Clay Frick II, now known as the Estates at Alpine. The magnificent 60-acre parcel was reconceived and subdivided to preserve the main estate and create an additional twelve exceptional luxury estate sites for the area’s most prestigious homes. MHCG designed the brand identity, marketing campaign, and website for the Estates at Alpine.

Inspired by the Frick estate’s ultimate privacy and exclusivity, the brand identity mirrors the nestled estates and grand history. The wordmark is set in a glyphic revivalist serif, and while contemporary layouts and hairline sans serifs headlines ground the marketing in present day. MHCG designed an exquisitely-produced hardcover book to introduce the property, and an inviting, responsive website for digital marketing.

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