Throwing it back 90’s style for a leading cryptocurrency company’s holiday event.

Coinbase, a leading crytpocurrency exchange platform, wanted to engage its global team with a surprise, throwback end-of-year holiday talent show event takeover of the routine weekly town hall meeting. MHCG created an 8-bit style event logo for the Coinbase “Talent Hall,” as well as all of the custom virtual-environmental graphics for the event. Inspired by the style of the mid-90’s macOS 5.5 interface, MHCG built out a pixelated vaporwave fantasy environment as the backdrop for the virtual talent show. MHCG also designed and developed a 3D-printed “Coiny” award for the winning acts.

While our work with Coinbase is confidential, we’d love to discuss how a similar scope of work can apply to your business. Please contact us for more information.

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