Finding the right formula for high performance

The Challenge

John Rowley knows what it takes to be successful. Especially when it comes to performance and health. With his patented UX3, a high performance dietary supplement and meal replacement formula, John was ready to take his new product line, Rowley Nutrition Systems, to the next level. And he was looking for a partner who understood performance and success as well as he did. 

Our Challenge: Find a way to stand out when everyone around you is focused on nutrition, health and wellness. Carving out a differentiated position in this competitive, repetitive ­­and noisy marketplace was nearly impossible.

Our Strategy

MHCG conducted extensive management interviews as well as consumer research to find a niche where UX3 could thrive.

A few things became clear. Rowley Nutrition and UX3 needed to better communicate their impressive credentials to an influential audience. As Digital Agency of Record, MHCG aligned the creative with smart digital brand positioning and implemented a well thought out redesign of all packaging elements along with the UX3 ecommerce website, email marketing and social media presence.

A distinctive logo and packaging communicated not just  the product’s nutritional info and benefits, but provided a dramatic point-of-sale marketing tool. This new logo became the lynchpin of a MHCG created unified brand guideline for all point of sale and collateral materials.


As its’ reputation grows, UX3 is attracting athletes and celebrities as well as ordinary consumers looking to enhance their health and performance. The brand is now making an emotional connection with its audience, resulting in significant sales growth.