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Founded in 2005. Based in Chelsea.
A creative production studio specializing in branding, advertising, website
and digital development services.


MHCG is an award-winning, boutique brand consultancy with a specialty in the digital space. Our home is Chelsea, our passion is great design and inspired storytelling. We are doers and even better problem solvers. We laugh, learn and create in a casual yet polished setting. Through the spirit of collaboration, we move the bottom line for clients across a broad spectrum of industries. Successfully.



Brand Architecture

Brand Idea

Brand Positioning

Global Branding

Branding Innovation

New Concept Development

Private Label


Customer Experience

Digital Experience

Internal Branding

Service Design


Digital Strategy

Digital Brand & Marketing

Interactive Engagement Mobile

User Experience

Website Design & Development


Brand Identity

Brand Management Tools

Branded Environments

Corporate Identity

Packaging Design



3D Rendering


Presentation Materials

Video Production

Marshall Haber


Marshall Haber is an advisor, entrepreneur, designer and creative storyteller based in New York City.  He is entrusted by top CEOs and global communications executives to provide counsel and branding across numerous touch points, with clients ranging from JPMorgan Chase, South Africa Tourism, Mike Bloomberg for Mayor and Kaplan Inc.

Prior to founding MHCG, Marshall worked at Deutsch Inc., Y&R New York and the Australian boutique agency MJW Hakuhodo. Marshall has received numerous awards from design publications and industry competitions, and was featured in a spotlight series for Getty Images.



The studio is an essential part of the design equation that rarely gets its due. At MHCG, it’s where brands come to life. Our studio is a comfortable space with meeting areas, plenty of computers, and the tools and space to grow our clients’ business. Here’s where you’ll find libraries of magazines, mobile devices and artwork in a wide-open space that invites collaboration. Not to mention tons of snacks, brilliant light and bright business-minded partners that make things happen with passion, intelligence and a personal commitment to your business


The good, the bad and the relevant: a weekly discussion

We “share” and “like” our way through endless content in order to broadcast our interests and define our own digital ecosystems — and ourselves. The challenge is differentiating what keeps us informed and what is just plain old cyberjunk.

As a brand storyteller, this is my struggle every day as I wade through an endless barrage of digital content and strive to curate my own environment.

Recap 168 is my opportunity to recap the good, the bad, and most importantly, the relevant. It’s the best of my 168 hours — week in and week out.

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