When the company rates service, you better measure up

The Challenge

When your client decides the fate of most of the world’s top online retailers, giving them a brand identity can be, well, a little unnerving.

Stella Service, in partnership with Google, is the modern version of the Good Housekeeping seal of approval for retailers. A top rating from Stella can speak volumes to consumers.

So while Stella was assessing their businesses, MHCG had to assess, and then execute, how to bring this giant to life. This was especially crucial, as Stella had just upped the ante and expanded its spectrum of services and products in data  and analytics measurement, providing even more depth of understanding online shoppers.

MHCG delivered a digital flagship experience that resonated – and impressed- retail executives and savvy consumers alike.

Our Strategy

It was up to us to deepen the company’s online and digital graphic identity through a massive redesign, overhaul of brand architecture and ecosystem delivering an immersive, on-brand sales experience within a compact footprint.


Reaction from client partners onto the new graphic identity has been extraordinarily positive. New visitor analytics show increased retention. Navigation, site performance and overall engagement satisfaction measures have all improved. So, as Stella Services has done an amazing job of improving retail experiences, it’s digital presence and design have done the same to improve Stella Services to the world.