Weekends aren’t enough, introducing football all week

The Challenge

It’s every fan’s dream. A football league that reaches out to its fan base, plays during the week, and contains its costs. Welcome to the FXFL, a professional football league that serves as a developmental platform for players, coaches and referees. Launched in 2014, FXFL was looking to engage fans fast. MHCG was challenged to create an interface that would easily and quickly engage the new audience.

Our Strategy

Using a WordPress content management system, MHCG built the front-end presentation and the back-end service layers. It was imperative to build excitement for this new league. As it continues to build fans, we’ve maintained player profiles, team statistics and have fully integrated with social media and news service outlets.


The league, and its digital presence, is up and running and gaining momentum. Fans can follow their favorite team and players on desktop and mobile. As the FXFL heads through its first season, we’re glad we’re in the game with them.