Repositioning for a sleeker fit

The Challenge

It sprang from humble beginnings, but today The Classic Brand has grown to become a retailing leader. The fashion community knows the brand from its frequent features in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle. In 2013, The Classic opened its first brick and mortar, high-end specialty coffee shop in downtown Los Angeles.

In LA, like many cities, there’s a coffee shop every 15 feet. So how do you differentiate yourself and keep your reputation as a luxury fashion brand fresh? The Classic was going to need a little face work to make sure it communicated quality both within the organization and to consumers.

Our Strategy

MHCG took a look at the visual system of the brand and quickly saw an opportunity to transform and reposition this iconic brand into both a coffee retail space and a fashion powerhouse. Starting with the logo, which was distorted and busy, we designed a look that would give the brand components much more impact. Implemented across multiple channels and touch points, the clean and distinctive visual system made quite a statement in DTLA.


A clean, polished visual feel makes the brand unique in the Fashion District. The redesign has been covered in the media and described as “trendy, modern and fashionable – but always welcoming.